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Quotes I've been coming to the Bristlecone for so long I can't remember. While not a fancy-schmancy hotel, it is comfortable, clean and very economical to stay. While it has remained much the same over the years, any changes I've seen have always been for the better. The store is a good example. My wife and I could stay anyplace we want for our annual anniversary trip, and used to go to Monterey or Catalina regularly. Now it seems like an easy decision to pick Big Pine for our trip. Plenty of things to do, great fishing for me and Rossi's Steak and Spaget right across the street. We get treated like family and I don't think I could find a thing to complain about if I had to! I just made reservations for our trip next month! Quotes
Desert Madness
Long time patron

Quotes Love this [market]! They have really decent prices and carry just about anything you could possibly need. Eye glass repair kits - check! Floating flashlights - check! Candles - check! If you're in Big Pine and you need something, check here first!!! Quotes
Tori M.
Bishop, California.

Quotes When you think "build" what's the next thing you think? Alcohol! Am I right? Well, even if I'm not, and the next thing you think is hot dogs, lotto tickets, or coin operated shower, the super handy and friendly Bristlecone Hi-Country Market will surely have it in stock. Let me just list some of the incredible supplies they carry: -Diet peach juice (YES diet juice, and it's pretty good) -Those canned alcoholic cocktails with the alcohol mixed in already (all flavors!) -Diet gingerale (this is so effing hard to find) -Diet rootbeer, diet cream soda, and diet orange soda -Popcorn -Fresh pinenuts (I didn't even know this was a thing. It is.) Okay, back to building. The hardware section is really nice and full up and is basically an entire separate store. Hammers, nails, wrenches, and they even make keys here. They also do copies and faxes and you can get your fishing license while you're at it. Quotes
Janine R.
Los Angeles, CA

Quotes I stayed here with my family while doing some work in Big Pine and I loved this motel, we stayed for 10 days and everyday was peaceful and easy, the room was really nice to sit on my laptop and do my work, and the Kitchen room we had made it really easy to feed out family of 4, I live in Bishop and I must say a lot of the prices in the market were cheaper then you find even at Vons. This is a must stay. Quotes
Bishop, California.

Quotes I visited the Bristlecone Motel when I visited the Owens Valley area to do some journalism reporting for an assignment for a university course. The rates were very reasonable for a student budget. The town and staff were very nice, and accomodating. The place was *very* clean; the non-smoking rooms were very pleasant. I would recommend this motel to anyone who wants a deal for a good night's sleep. Quotes
A Yahoo Review

Quotes Great value and a great central location near the Bristlecone forest, the lakes above Bishop, Glacier Lodge and right across US 395 from Rossi's Steak & Spaghetti house -home of fabulous lamb chops. great service, and a real slice of Owens Valley life. Highly recommended Quotes

Quotes tagged along on a fishing trip with my father and son. My father booked the room at Bristlecone. He and his fishing/hunting buddies stay here a lot. We had a large room (#23) with three beds and a kitchenette. The kitchen had a fridge and coffeemaker. Also plates and silverware. The room had a cabin feel to it.. The shower water pressure was great. The bathroom would have past a white glove test it was clean. There were no bugs or critters in the room. This is a decent inn. Obviously not the Ritz but it serves it's purpose well. The beds were Comfortabl. I didn't wake up all stiff and sore like I have at other motels. The inn provides free WiFi. The inn provides free parking. Quotes
El Segundo, California

Quotes Overnighted here prior to heading into Death Valley National Park. The rooms are very comfortable and clean. We were happy to find a clean and comfortable place with a reasonable rate. We found it. Quotes
San Francisco, California

Quotes Vacationing with my wife, we just wanted a reasonably priced room in a quiet setting. The Bristlecone provided that for us. The grounds and rooms are very clean, quiet, and the Manager was friendly, and helpful. The rooms are basic, but included a refrigerator, coffee maker, WiFi, and cable. There is a store, gas station, and great restaurant on the property! If you're looking for the Ritz, than you're being unfair. our restroom had plenty of hot water, great water pressure. You won't find a better bargain. Very pleasant stay, and we will return again! Quotes
Lancaster, California


  • "When you think "build" what's the next thing you think? Alcohol! Am I right? Well, even if I'm not, and the next thing you think is hot dogs, lotto tickets, or coin operated sho..."
    Janine R.
    Los Angeles, CA